Rheta & The Bandits Rheta & The Bandits is a 6 piece heavy-hitting, high energy band well known all over Bali.

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Rheta Arheta was born in West Java, Indonesia in 1983. From an early age, the pocket rocket had undeniable musical talent, performing on guitar alongside her Aunty as a 5-year-old for an Indonesian Independence Day parade.

She began her career as a professional singer travelling throughout the Indonesian archipelago from one island to the next, performing at bars and clubs and doing the tough yards honing her unique style and stagecraft for seven hard years.

“You try getting around a country of 260,000,000 people across 20,000 islands in less than 7 years – I’ve paid my dues and I’m proud of it!” says Rheta.

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In 2008 Rheta and her band at the time, The Boomers gained deserved recognition by being invited to perform at the prestigious Merdeka Palace Hotel in Kuching, Malaysia.

The Malaysian experience became Rheta’s spark to travel further, and after the residency at the Palace Hotel, she travelled and worked constantly through China, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Morocco before returning to Malaysia to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Being on the road for so long is tough, as any professional musician knows, so Rheta signed up for a residency at the 5-star Sofitel Hotel in Morocco, playing for international audiences 6 nights a week for 3 years, earning her chops across a wide range of genres and honing her signature soprano vocals and original hard-rock style.

Looking to move onto the singer-songwriter stage of her career saw Rheta move to Bali even though The Island of the Gods is well-known for chewing up and spitting out even the most battle-hardened musicians.

In her first month in Bali, she was scouted by Abbey Rd keyboard extraordinaire Erik Sondhy to work on his own original project, VAHA for four months before turning to work full-time on her own dream project.

Rheta & The Bandits is a 6 piece heavy-hitting, high energy band that is well known all over Bali with a 15,000+ fanbase made up of people from around the globe who have seen and been stunned by Rheta’s incredible vocal range, killer timing and mastery of both well-known covers along with original songs and compositions.

Her popularity and peer respect has her hosting a “jam night” at The Orchard where local and international musicians go to check out who has the chops to play next to each other, and offering a high-energy outlet to make Monday nights, traditionally the muso’s night off in most venues, an outlet to hang and play together in front of a (very lucky) live audience.

Ahreta & The Bandits have a solid 6-day a week schedule performing in venues around Bali, changing up their performance locations and avoiding residency as their audience grows and they work towards their first tour and arena concerts in 2020.

You can see more of Rheta & The Bandits on Facebook and Instagram.